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A-iPower Generators – 289-SUA2000I Portable 2,000-watt inverter generator supplies AC/DC electricity for home, work, or play. Easy-start engine provides hassle-free operation. Built-in parallel ability lets you easily pair it with a second generator. Safe for sensitive electronics. 2,000-Watt inverter generator provides a portable power source (1) 120V Outlet powers household appliances, tools, and electronic devices (1) 120V 30-Amp L5-30R twist-lock receptacle (1) 12V DC adapter outlet Inverter lets you safely charge and run electronic devices Easy-start engine offers hassle-free startup Generator runs for 2-3 seconds after shutoff to burn excess gas in the carburetor Helps prevent failed startups due to stagnant fuel Multi-switch integrates the fuel on/off, choke on/off, and engine on/off functions for simple operation Built-in parallel ability and included connection cables lets you pair this generator with another for increased output Can be paired with an additional 2,000-watt generator from A-iPower (289-AP2000i or 289-SUA2000i – sold separately) Senci 4-stroke engine uses standard unleaded gas – no need to mix gas and oil Cast iron cylinder sleeves help ensure long engine life Comfort-grip, ergonomically designed recoil pull handle provides easy manual startup Provides 2 engine modes Eco mode – keeps engine rpm just high enough to power plugged-in devices Saves fuel and reduces noise High mode – maintains high engine rpm Best for power demands of high-draw or rapid-cycling devices Quiet operation won’t drown out campground conversation – quieter than a typical vacuum cleaner Safety features promote accident-free use Warning light comes on when oil is low, and engine automatically shuts down if oil level becomes too low for safe use Warning indicator lights up if circuit is overloaded Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) helps minimize voltage fluctuations Spark arrester prevents release of flammable debris Easy-to-read fuel gauge lets you know when gas level is low Clean-running engine meets CARB and EPA standards Portable generator weighs 46 lbs and includes built-in carry handle Includes: Generator (1) 30-Amp RV adapter DC charging cable Spark plug wrench Oil funnel Owner’s manual Specs Starting (surge) power output: 2,000 watts Running (rated) power output: 1,600 watts Running VAC amperage: 13.3 amps DC output: 12V, 8.3 amps Continuous run time: At rated load: 4 hours At 1/2 load: 7 hours Dry weight: 46 lbs Dimensions: 20″ long x 11″ wide x 19″ tall Noise level – measured at 23′ away (normal conversation is 60 dB): 65 dB at 1/2 load Engine type: Senci 79-cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV Engine hp: 2.5 Fuel tank capacity: 1.1 gal Oil capacity: 0.4 qt Oil type: SAE 10W-30 Power line frequency: 60 Hz 2-Year warranty for residential use 1st Year parts and labor 2nd Year parts only Note: Gas generators produce carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. For your safety, always be sure to operate this gas-powered generator outdoors. Certifications Meets the following important certification standards: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) California Air Resources Board (CARB) Powerful, Portable Generator This inverter generator packs 2,000 watts of power to get you up and running whether you’re at the campsite, worksite, or tailgate party. It lets you use the items you want and need, such as tools, small appliances, televisions, radios, fans, and lights. This lightweight unit has a carry handle right on top, making it easy to tote the generator wherever you go. Safe for Sensitive Electronic Devices This A-iPower generator uses a built-in inverter to produce clean AC power, making the generator safe to use with your electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones. Electronic devices are made with delicate circuitry that requires steady, controlled electrical current. The electrical current produced by standard generators, however, is uncontrolled, allowing extreme fluctuations in power. And these fluctuations can easily damage your sensitive electronic devices. This A-iPower generator, on the other hand, has a built-in inverter that controls the voltage that is produced. This important feature ensures that the generator is safe to use with your electronic equipment such as computers and medical devices. Easy-Start Engine This A-iPower generator’s engine is designed to start up easily so you can power up faster and without hassle. The key to this easy startup is the elimination of excess fuel in the carburetor after each use. When the generator is turned off, the engine will continue to run for a few seconds to allow excess gas in the carburetor to burn off. Because the excess gas is burned off and not left to stagnate, the A-iPower generator will start up much easier and faster than a generator that contains old fuel in its engine. Multi-Switch Provides Simple Operation The multi-switch on the A-iPower generator integrates the fuel on/off, choke on/off, and engine on/off functions so that operation is a no-brainer. Simply turn the multi-switch to “on” and pull the recoil start. Then move the switch to the “run” position right after the generator starts. Finally, turn the switch to “off” when you’re ready to turn off the generator. Because the choke is automatic, there is no separate choke switch to worry about. Built-in Parallel Ability This A-iPower generator has a built-in parallel ability that lets you easily pair it with another generator to produce double the power. By doubling the power, you can run equipment with higher electrical demands. Pair 2 of these generators together, or pair this generator with another 2,000-watt A-iPower generator (sold separately). The included connection cables simply plug into the corresponding ports on the back of each generator. Because the parallel ability is built in, you don’t have to purchase a separate kit and remember to bring it with you. Engine Speed Options You can choose between 2 modes of engine operation with a flip of a switch using the generator’s feature: Eco mode adjusts engine speed to match the power demands of your connected devices. In this mode, the engine runs only as fast as is necessary, keeping noise to a minimum and saving fuel. And this mode is not only kinder to your pocketbook and your ears, it’s also easier on the environment. High mode operates the engine at a steady high speed. This setting is used for high-load situations or during frequent on-and-off cycling of electrical devices. Safety Features This A-iPower 2,000-watt generator also comes with many safety features that protect both you and the generator itself. For instance, a low-oil indicator light lets you know when you need to add more oil. If oil levels remain too low to continue operation, the shutoff feature safeguards the generator’s engine by automatically shutting down the generator. A built-in spark arrester helps prevent any sparking that might burn someone or start a fire, protecting both you and the environment. Choosing a Generator To choose a generator that meets your needs, you must match the size of the generator (that is, the starting output and running output in watts) with the electrical demands of the equipment that you want to operate. Approximate Power Demands of Common Household Items Starting (surge) wattage is the power that a device requires at startup. Running (rated) wattage is the power needed to keep the device running. A large appliance with an electric motor – such as a furnace, refrigerator, air conditioner, or washing machine – may require 2 – 3 times more surge wattage than running wattage. Appliance Running Watts Starting Watts Air compressor (1/4 hp) 1,000 1,600 Air conditioner (10,000 Btu) 1,200 1,800 Clock radio 4 0 Coffee maker 900 0 Desktop computer 150 – 350 0 Electric drill (3/8″ / 4 amps) 450 600 Electric space heater on high setting 1,450 0 Floor fan 100 0 LCD television (32″) 100 – 150 0 Microwave oven (or 4-slot toaster) 1,450 0 Refrigerator 800 1,600 Washing machine 1,150 2,250 Work light (quartz halogen) 1,000 0 Determining Your Specific Power Needs The following steps will help you calculate the correct size of generator to meet your power needs. 1. Determine the total running wattage for the devices that you want to plug into the generator (generator’s rated/running output in watts must exceed this value). Find the running (rated) watts for each device that you want to plug into the generator. (Look for a sticker or plate on each device or check your owner’s manuals.) Add up those numbers to get the total running wattage for all devices. 2. Determine the total starting wattage for the devices that you want to plug into the generator (generator’s surge/starting output in watts must exceed this value). Determine which device requires the most starting (surge) watts. Add that value to the total running wattage from Step 1 to get the total starting wattage. Example Calculation Example Devices 1. Running Watts (Add Together) 2. Starting Watts (Select Greatest Value) Electric drill 450 600 Floor fan 100 0 Refrigerator 800 1,600 = 1,350 Total Running Watts 1,600 Greatest Starting Watts Value +1,350 Total Running Watts ————————————— =2,950 Total Starting Watts Generator’s starting output must exceed total starting watts. Generator’s rated output must exceed total running watts. The A-iPower SC2000i provides clean, quiet 2,000 watts of starting power and 1,600 watts of running power. Powered by 79cc Yamaha engine, the generator is ideal for outdoor events such as concerts, camping trips, tailgating parties, racetracks, RVs, and many other applications. At only 46lbs, you can take portable power wherever you go. At 65 dBA, you are assured quiet operation. With inverter technology, you are using clean power, meaning its safe for electronics such as televisions, tablets, laptops, and other power sensitive equipment. The inverter module converts the raw power from DC to AC output. The engine speed varies depending on electrical demand, which also significantly reduces noise. The SC2000i also has parallel capability. With two parallel cables, two generators can link for nearly double the power. You don’t need any extra external parallel kits any more. It does bring you added convenience while reducing your cost. The generator also features a multi-switch to integrate the start, run and stop functions. This switch operates fuel on/off, choke on/off, engine on/off which provides convenient and easy operation. A built-in fuel gauge on the fuel tank helps remind you when you need to refuel. Equipped with a DC adapter plug, you can conveniently charge your battery or cell phone with a USB adapter.

  • Brand: A-iPower
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SUA2000i
  • UPC: 851217006060

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