Upfront and Honest Affiliate Disclosure

This site has a few affiliate links sprinkled here and there.

What is an affiliate link?

Let me take a moment to explain what an affiliate is or what an affiliate does.

Whenever I mention a certain product on my website (i.e Coke or McDonald’s) I will receive a commission from said companies if you buy their product. The commission is not much to brag about (3 cents or more), however, it cost money to maintain this website, so I use an affiliate link to help with my maintenance cost.  No fees are passed on to you. I’m paid directly from the companies.   Ok?!

Practically every major online company (i.e Amazon, eBay, Walmart) is using people like me to help them get the word out about their product or service.

I repeat, no extra fees are pass on to you, we  receive payments from the companies that we are blogging about (i.e Amazon, Walmart, Sooay.com)

If you would like to learn more about AFFILIATE MARKETING Please check out this FREE Training course. No Credit Card required.  This is not a trial. You can use the course forever and never pay a penny for it!

That’s as upfront and honest as I can be.  Thank You for your support!